About Us

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The main objective of Durar is to maintain close and collaborative relationships with Clients, Registrants and Contractors. It aims to adhere to all current legislation, which forms the framework within which we operate.

Durar targets to provide employment and management solutions that support our Clients’ business goals and objectives. It maintains a register of professionals and paraprofessionals with specialised knowledge and experience in their field.

DURAR aspires to provide practical training and guidance to registrants and contractors. It would like to monitor and enhance the services provided.

The Group has developed and will maintain an effective quality assurance system as a part of the overall management plan. The ISO 9001:2000 will form the basis of this quality system.

Training will be provided to all employees of Durar to ensure that this quality policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels which means that all employees will be seeking continual improvements to the Group’s working procedures and practices.



Durar believes in providing highest quality solutions with world class amenities to all people and creating modern communities with unique residential and commercial developments, which is an indication of how dreaming bigger ideas can also make them true. The investment opportunities along with high revenues are guaranteed with Durar Group.

To ascertain the best development schemes for projects in Dubai exploiting our local and regional expertise and to offer an extraordinary chance for families to own their dream homes effortlessly and delightfully feeling secured in their lives by getting secure finance.